Steam Flash Sales and Daily Sales Probably Aren’t Coming Back Now

It was previously expected, and later clear, that Steam Winter Sale was better than Summer Sale in terms of revenue that the digital distribution service has earned. Now, a leaked document has not only proven that but suggested some changes that might be coming our way: Flash Sales and Daily Sales might not return to the platform now!

This is because Valve has been telling its employees that the new no-timed sales structure has been overwhelmingly positive – and better than the previous approach in generating sales.

The document, which was originally meant for some of the staff alone was accidentally posted on the SteamVR news page. Not only does it confirm that “more customers bought more games across more of the catalog,” it also show graphical representations of how much of an impact their new approach has had.

First thing they have revealed is that the product views went up by approximately four times as compared to last year! All this was due to the Discovery Queue feature. Valve says that “by dropping users a free Steam Trading Card for browsing through their personalized Discovery Queue many customers were exposed to 36 different product pages every day for each of the 13 days of the event.”

Steam Sales 2

But that is not the best part, apart from views the platform got a much higher number of wishlist additions – a major chunk of that was converted into sales too.

Valve feared that the Discovery Queue system might increase wishlist additions but not sales, however that was not the case, they say “customers found a lot of value in using the Discovery Queue, resulting in a huge up-tick in sales and wishlist additions.”

This year we saw a 197% increase in the rate of wishlist additions during the sale. Some of these additions were then subsequently purchased during the sale while others remain on customer wishlists as indications of future interest in those games.

Steam Sales

However, the problem in all this is that Valve replaced the old Flash Sales and Daily Sales system with this new approach. Had this approach failed (or underperformed as compared to previous year’s sales) there would have been a chance of Flash Sales and Daily Sales’ return.

That about 200 percent increase in engagement rates suggests otherwise.

In light of all this, it would not be a longshot to claim that Steam Flash Sales and Daily Sales are gone for good.

Thanks, SteamDB.