Post Patch 1.12 The Witcher 3 is Marred with New Bugs & Glitches

By   /   Jan 12, 2016
CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Patch 1.12 has gone live only a couple of hours ago and there already are complaints regarding a number of glitches and bugs that have sprung up after the update went live.

Players all over the internet are reporting on a long list of problems that they are facing. We have listed down the ones that have been confirmed to have troubled a number of people and were not just a single occurrence.

For the second time, CR Projekt Red seems to have broken some mods and some players have complained about comments being removed from scripts that are going to make it extremely troublesome for the modders to update the scripts manually now.

However, that is just the start of it, there are dozens of other bugs and glitches in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt now, all thanks to changes that have been made by Patch 1.12. Here are some of them:

  • When you pass a round in Gwent you don’t see the “loading bar” anymore
  • After you win(or lose) a round in Gwent, the screen gets a bit more greyish
  • With the patch, “Novigrad: The locked City II” turned up on my questlist again, even though it failed previously. It’s the one where you have to find the smell of blood or something. But when i get to the area, there is no trail to follow. Now i wish, it just failed. The marker on the map bugs me now.
  • Roach still comes running without a mane sometimes
  • The supposedly new feature that shows the herb name like on NPCs, does not work.
  • Gwent victory screen is funky
  • During cutscenes ciris sword still doesn’t have a scabbard.
  • White Orchard Abandoned Site still broken.
  • It seems that monsters arent dropping anything/ as much upon killing. Killed a few bears at Morhen, a golem, Fiend, and cyclops and recieved nothing from any of them.
  • The patch notes said The Nobleman Statuette (might be the Soldier one, not sure) was fixed, it’s still bugged for me. Same exact bug, we get to the place where she’s supposed to decompress the statue, but she just stands there and nothing happens.
  • Debug console mod no longer seems to work

We are trying to compile a comprehensive list of all the new bugs and glitches in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, so do let us kknow if we have missed out on something.

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