Payday 2 to be Invaded by Goats in The Goat Simulator Heist This Week

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

Payday 2 is getting an interesting new DLC this week in an interesting collaboration of the Goat kind. The Goat Simulator is coming to the game, and chaos is to be expected.

If you’ve played Goat Simulator then you know what chaos goats and the other creatures from the game can cause. Here are the details revealed on the official Payday 2 site:

“When the payday gang were ordered by vlad to intercept a truck carrying cocaine,they expected to act as clean-up and collect the goods. Easy peasy. Or at least that’s what they thought. But as they arrive on the scene and see the crashed truck, there are no cocaine packages in sight… only goats… and chaos…”

Also revealed is that the goats must be delivered to Boris, Vlad’s driver. He is to be the “Goat Extractor”. As part of the heist you have to get the animals to him and he will take care of the “messy part”. Along with Boris, Vlad’s brother-in-law the “Drunken Pilot” will also be on standby for if something doesn’t go to plan.

So the plan is to capture the goats, but with the chaos that the goats cause, this is bound to not go well. Just take a look at the trailer to see what to expect. “This is going to be a weird one gang” may be an understatement.

It will be interesting to see some game footage of the goats in action, it’s sure to be a fun heist. Along with the arrival of the goats, from now until January 12 players can expect a 25% XP boost on the game.

Are you looking forward to the Goat Simulator Heist? Let us know your thoughts below.

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