Guild Wars 2 Winter Update and Plans for 2016 Revealed

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

Guild Wars 2 is still going strong, and big updates are expected in 2016 for the MMO game. The folks at ArenaNet have made the announcement of the Winter Update 2016, which is on its way.

In addition to this update, the game will be getting a maintenance procedure overhaul – the development will now be split on the game between large seasonal patches and planned regular expansions like Heart of Thorns.

The Winter Update will be released on January 26, and will bring with it a set of systemic updates, balancing changes, and other additions to the MMO RPG game.

Here are the highlights of the update:

  • Gliding in Central Tyria
  • Redesigned Shatterer boss fight
  • Lunar New Year – two week event from January 26 for all players (including non-expansion players)
  • New PvP Mist Champion Tybalt Leftpaw.
  • Balance Updates and Quality of Life tweaks across the game.

You can read the full, massive update notes on the official site.

There’s a lot more planned for the rest of 2016 as well for Guild Wars 2 players, as ArenaNet looks to add a new raid wing and continue the Living World storyline on another stage. Check out the main blogpost shared above for more details.

Via PCGamesN

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