Gone Home European and Australian Release Delayed for Consoles on Its Launch Day, Here’s Why

By   /   Jan 12, 2016
Gone Home

The console versions of Gone Home have been delayed in Europe on the same day they were supposed to be released.

The news came in the form of a tweet, which stated that due to last-minute complications, the game has been delayed for the EU and Australia regions.

The last-minute complication involves ratings and certification based clarification.

With the separate rating system used by Europe and Australia, games have to go through a series of ‘clearances’ before making it to the market, requiring them to rate their game with multiple agencies in order to launch in the PAL region.

Console games must also pass a certification process in order to release on either PlayStation or Xbox consoles. The European and Australian operations for each console for certifications act independently in Europe and Australia with their own specific processes.

For this very reason, often games that are released in North America usually have a few days’ delayed release in Europe and Australia.

Developer The Fullbright Company has said that Gone Home should hopefully be out in Europe and Australia by next week despite this delay.

For those unaware, Gone Home is a story-based interactive first-person videogame that was initially released for PC in August 2013. The game’s brilliant narrative style and design made it an expected success, after which developer The Fullbright Company decided to release console versions of the title.

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