For Honor Will Most Certainly Have a Singleplayer Campaign Following Community Backlash

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

For Honor was first revealed last year during Ubisoft’s conference that the E3. The game seemed largely like a multiplayer third-person hack and slash combat game, with sleek mechanics and great animations.

The multiplayer element was the primary focus – so much so that it was certain the game would lack any true singleplayer campaign. Following the Alpha tests conducted last year, many gamers felt it necessary to raise their voices to criticize various Ubisoft titles ditching the singleplayer aspect of gaming.

Responding to that, it seems that For Honor will most certainly have a campaign element. It was already confirmed before, but they really want you to know that it’s going to be a part of the game.

For Honor producer Stephane Cardin revealed as much in an interview for the game posted on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel. Development seems to be coming along nicely, and following the Alpha tests feedback and the general response of the gamers, it seems the game will be getting the much coveted singleplayer campaign.

For Honor is a non-fantasy hack and slash set during the medieval period. Players play a character from three different factions: The Legion, The Chosen, and the Warborn. The factions represent Knights, Samurais, and Vikings respectively.

The game is has no official release window yet, but is expected to be released sometime this year for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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