Epic Games Working With U.S Government to Monitor Your Accounts

By   /   Jan 12, 2016
Gears of War creator Epic Games

Epic Games, a renowned name in the gaming industry, is working with the U.S Govt to monitor player accounts and information. The company is in contact with U.S officials and will actively block your account if you’re name is anywhere similar to someone on the U.S Watchlist.

The news recently came to light when Dr. Muhammad Zakir Khan tried to create an Epic Games account in order to participate in Paragon beta. His account was flagged due to someone with a similar name on U.S “Specially Designated Nationals” list.

This shows how Epic Games and presumably other companies work with the Govt to share user information and monitor accounts. We don’t know just for how long this has been happening, but such measures were expected after reports of PS4 being used by attackers in Paris.

When I went to the website to register for an account, I hit submit and that’s when I faced the red text. I was shocked. Initially, I thought I had been hacked. I literally stopped everything and told myself verbally out loud, ‘What the heck?’ I felt dehumanized and discriminated against. Frankly, it hurt.

The red text he mentioned reads:

Your account creation has been blocked as a result of a match against the Specially Designated Nationals list maintained by the United States of America’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

You can take a look at the list here.

Such measures are always taken in the name of “National Security” and although it is discrimination, we can’t completely blame the Govt for taking steps to ensure security, but should we allow them to monitor our accounts? How will the community react after knowing their accounts are being monitored? How many companies are participating in sharing information with Federal Authorities?

Source: Gamatsu

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