Destiny Strike Apparently Broken This Week As it Cannot Be Completed

By   /   Jan 12, 2016
Destiny Crota

Usually on every Tuesday, Bungie resets the weekly activities in Destiny so players can get their hand on new loot through some grinding and increase their light levels with new Raid challenge modes.

This week though, it seems the Weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny broken. According to various reports, there is a bug that is preventing players from progressing through the Sunless Cell Strike. Without progressing through the Strike, it is impossible for players to collect their loot.

Currently, It’s unclear what exactly is causing the problem. It is believed that something within Destiny’s code is preventing a specific door from opening in the Strike. In addition to this, another anomaly is the lack of enemies in areas prior to the door. This further suggests the specific instance of the Strike isn’t loading properly.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the issue, but hopefully it will be resolved quickly so players can get back to looting, though the developers’ holidays till the 21st aren’t very reassuring.

Destiny has been mauled by several increasing number of problems in the past few weeks. These vary from random deaths to laggy matches, and much more. There is no apparent addition since the The Taken King DLC that could have caused this; despite the developer endig several ‘potential’ causes such as the Sparrow Racing League and Iron Banner, the problems still persist.

We’ll let you know as soon as possible when Bungie releases anything official on the matter.

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