Can Konami Redeem Itself? Employee Wants You to Give it a Chance

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

One of last year’s biggest and most controversial releases was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The publisher of the title, Konami, was under constant criticism for letting go Hideo Kojima – the series creator – and releasing an unfinished game.

The company also treated the legendary developer unfairly, even not allowing him to receive an award for his own game. Currently, Hideo Kojima is in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment for his studio’s first project.

While things are going well for Hideo Kojima, what exactly is the future of Konami? Right now, majority of MGS fans are out for Konami blood and it is hard to imagine how the company will redeem itself, but you have to agree that we should at least give it a chance, no matter how much we love and respect Hideo Kojima.

One Konami employee thinks the same and wants fans to give the company a chance to redeem itself and earn your love again.

Konami can surely redeem itself but it has to make the right decisions and avoid bad press, which it seems to be failing at.

The big question in my mind right now is that can Konami create a decent Metal Gear Game without Kojima? The answer to that question is Yes. However, will fans offer it as big a reception as they do to “A Hideo Kojima” game?

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