Bungie Reveals Destiny Sparrow Racing League Stats

By   /   Jan 12, 2016
Rise of Iron

Towards the end of last year, Bungie released a mini-game in Destiny. This feature, called the Sparrow Racing League, had been widely requested since the game’s launch back in 2014.

The Sparrow Racing League pitted players against each other in a race to finish the line through familiar locations in the Destiny world map.

Following problems that Bungie speculated were associated with the SRL, this feature has come to a close for an indefinite period. With the SRL having finished towards the end of December, Bungie is expected to release its next content update – a mysterious feature called ‘The Dawning,’ which the developers are expected to reveal in detail on January 21.

For now, Bungie released some statistics on player interaction during the Sparrow Racing League. The statistics were sent in a form of an infographic sent out to Guardians who participated in the event.

Here is the summary of the stats:

  • Only 3% of racers hit at least 90% of the gates
  • Only 1% of racers failed to kill an enemy while racing
  • Average gate accuracy was 83%
  • Average number of kills was 22
  • On average, racers crashed 100x more frequently than U.S. drivers
  • If the Sparrows had have been Jet Skis, the amount of gasoline burned each day would have been enough to power Las Vegas
  • Total of 92,839,875 gallons of fuel was consumed
  • Average of 0.20 wipeouts per mile

In other Destiny news, many users have noticed a major bug in this week’s Nightfall Strike. Bungie is yet to comment on the matter, but we hope it will be resolved soon.

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