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Bloodborne Player Defeats Game Without Dodging or Rolling

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

If you’ve spent any time playing Bloodborne you’ll know that dodging and rolling away from the enemy comes almost like a reflex reaction in the game. Imagine trying to complete the game without dodging at all?

This appears to be what Bloodborne player Tolomeo has done, also revealing a few interesting details on the Bloodborne Reddit page about his attempt:

“I just finished a challenge run to see if it was possible to beat all the main game bosses including DLC at NG+6 without using i-frames, so no dashing or rolling. Jumping/backstepping was allowed but I never found a use for it so I never used it since sprinting was a better method of avoiding hits.

The DLC bosses were the hardest, with Ludwig taking nine hours of attempts, seven on Laurence and six for Orphan of Kos. Gehrman and Shadows were the hardest in the main game taking about ~4 hours of attempts each. Videos + playlist are below, but warning for headphone users – a lot of them with commentary get very loud at the end.”

The fact that he did this on New Game +6 makes the feat even more impressive, as this ramps up the level of difficulty to a high level, and as you’ll already know it is hard enough as it is. The full playlist for the run through can be seen here.

If you are just starting out on Bloodborne, trying to play the game without dodging and rolling is not an advisable play style. You’ll soon find that the game will make you suffer. As you can see it took Tolomeo hours to defeat bosses, so just this fact shows what a bad idea it was, but also very impressive.

Are you impressed by Tolomeo’s completion of Bloodborne in this play style? Let us know your thoughts below.

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