Amazon Prime to Offer 20% Discount on Game Pre-Orders and New Releases

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

Keeping up to date with games can be a costly experience so any discounts available are always welcome. If you are a member of Amazon Prime it looks like they have a nice deal in place for early buyers.

New to Amazon Prime the company are offering 20% off pre-ordered games as well as “newly released” titles. Based on their frequently asked questions the newly released games are those purchased two weeks after launch:

The game is already discounted, do I still get 20% off at checkout?

Yes, Prime members get at least 20% off list price on new physical video games during pre-order and two weeks after launch.  If the game is discounted less than 20%, Prime members get the full 20% off at checkout.  If the game is already discounted more than 20%, Prime customers get the lower price.”

The question also reveals that any discounts that have been added on top of this 20% discount will also be honoured by the company. This will mean even more savings. The complication with this deal of course is the cost of Amazon Prime itself, which is a yearly payment of $99 per year.

For people who order a lot of products through Amazon the Prime service can offer plenty of savings, and also offer movie and television show streaming as part of the deal, as well as other things. For those who don’t have Prime already, a 20% saving may not be enough of an incentive to join the service.

Are you interested in the new discount from Amazon? Let us know your thoughts below.

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