GTA V Mysterious Phone Number Easter Egg Has Folks Searching Deep for Its Meaning

By   /   Jan 12, 2016

GTA V may be a rather old game now, but it’s still riddled with plenty of secrets that are still being discovered.

Black Cellphones is the latest Easter Egg in the game, and it’s sending the community running around searching for answers. Twiiter users KarmaIngram1 discovered that by bringing up the in-game cellphone and dialing a specific number, you could trigger an explosion in the sky. This explosion would change the phone theme to black.

The number you need to dial is 1-999-396-3767, and the event can only be triggered in single-player. Changing characters apparently doesn’t affect it, and the game doesn’t consider this any kind of cheat code either.

This mystery number and event is something of an enigma, and it’s not clear yet what kind of tangible effect it has on the game itself. Reddit users are speculating that the last two sets could read as ‘EMP’ or ‘EMPEROR,’ which is what they’re looking for in the game’s files.

Try this out yourself, and do tell us what you find. If you manage to unlock the secret hidden behind this mysterious Easter Egg, do let us know by sharing it on the comments section below.

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