NCAA Football Games are Not Planned for the Future, Say EA Sports

By   /   Jan 11, 2016

Sometimes Social Media posts made by games companies start debate on whether a much loved game is coming back. This happened with NCAA Football and EA Sports, but it looks like the news is not good.

Speculation started when EA posted a video on their Facebook page showing their love for college football. This obviously excited many fans of the NCAA Football games that EA Sports once released. It went as far as getting their hopes up of a new edition of the game.

It looks though like this may not be the case after GamesBeat contacted EA and received the following reply:

“We have no new plans or announcements to make regarding the EA Sports NCAA Football series. Today’s National Championship game reminds us more than ever that the hearts in our community still beat for college football.”

This news will not make fans of the NCAA games happy, especially those who still play NCAA Football 14 and have to play it on the Xbox 360. Time will tell though if another company decide to try and make a game based on the college league, but with the complications EA experienced this may be something that is not worth touching.

While EA Sports may say they aren’t working on the game, it will be interesting to see if fan interest could someday change this. Obviously the issues around the game will have to be resolved if this is the case, but if enough fans want it, then why not?

Do you miss the EA Sports NCAA games? Let us know your thoughts below.

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