New Dota 2 Update Fixes Drodo’s Effects, Gem Issues, FPS Drop

By   /   Jan 9, 2016
Dota 2 update

Two days ago Valve Corporation had released a Dota 2 update that addressed a handful of issues with the MMORPG, most importantly to Tiny, Arc Warden, Workshop and more. However, the game required another quick patch which has been rolled out a couple of hours ago.

The official patch notes reveal that the update is not too big and addresses four different kinds of bugs that the game was facing.

Firstly, the Dota 2 update looked into the colors of Drodo’s effects with prismatic gem and fixed related bugs; thereon, another bug relating to ethereal gem effects and their color variations were fixed.

Two other fixes attend to a frame rate drop issue that people faced in certain situations and a problem wwith autograph gems.

Here’s a rundown on the patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Drodo’s effects not having the correct colors when he had a prismatic gem other than the default one he started with.
  • Fixed a bug where many ethereal gem effects were monochrome when they were supposed to have some color variation, such as the Trail of Burning Doom.
  • Fixed a bug where autograph gems could not be extracted on the owned item details page.
  • Fixed a frame rate drop when rapidly switching between units with items that have animated inventory images (Radiance, Rapier or Mjollnir).

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