The Man Who Was Supposed to Write Half Life 3 Has Quit Valve

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
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People have been creating and spreading rumors about Half Life 3 since a decade now (the latest being about a 2017 release date), and the level of frustration among the community over a lack of clarity from Valve Corporation has never been higher. Amidst all that, we have been told that the writer of the series, Marc Laidlaw, has quit Valve!

Laidlaw was asked about HL3 by yet another frustrated fan like us, and although all of us know that the development team has a habit of going dumb every time the topic comes up, Laidlaw surprisingly replied.

However, his answer was not what anyone expected because he confirmed his retirement saying “I have been a grateful co-creator, but my time working on the series is behind me.” That is not all he said, here’s a more detailed explanation:

I am no longer a full or part time Valve employee, no longer involved in day-to-day decisions or operations, no longer a spokesperson for the company, no longer privy to most types of confidential information, no longer working on Valve games in any capacity.

It looks like he is in no mood to work on Half Life 3, whenever that has to come out because Laidlaw says that “I had a good run but lately I have been feeling a need for a break from the collaborative chaos of game production, and a return to more self-directed writing projects.”

We all know that he was the man who wrote Half Life and Half Life 2. Without him, we are not sure what the next game will look like.

On the flipside, it could be that he has completed his work on the game and then quit, but that would be too much of a wishful thinking – knowing Valve and their history of frustrating everyone in the case of Half Life 3 news and development.

Thanks Reddit.

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