Tekken 7’s Harada Hopes PlayStation VR to Cost $300-400

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
PlayStation VR cinematic mode

Analysts out there are speculating that PlayStation VR is going to cost more than $400, but there are some really well-reputed people out there – like Katsuhiro Harada, the guy who is making Tekken 7 just like he made the previous iconic Tekken games – who think that the head-mounted device should not cost more than $300 to $400.

Harada, who is pretty vocal on his Twitter, was inquired about what he expected the virtual reality gadget to cost, to which he replied. Here’s the tweet in question:

Well, Harada-san wants it to cost less than what we think it will; especially after Oculus Rift disappointed and shocked everyone by announcing a $599 price tag, something in complete contrast to the “$350 ballpark” comment by Palmer Luckey which now appears to be a deliberate misguidance of the consumers.

Another way that this has done everyone wrong is that the higher price has made everyone skeptical of how much other headsets might cost now. It would be nice to see HTC Vive and PlayStation VR take the economical route because that would also give them the edge that PlayStation 4 had over Xbox One at launch i.e. cheaper pricing.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment is yet to divulge their own agenda regarding the matter; until they do, let us hope Katsuhiro Harada is right.

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