Rainbox Six: Siege Update 1.2 Causing Issues for Players

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition

With the releases of patches for big online games the last thing you want is to create more problems. This looks to be what is happening with Rainbow Six: Siege.

Yesterday we reported that the PC version of the game had been received update 1.2, and that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would get the update next week. With the apparent reception the new patch is getting, this may be held up or at least more testing done.

Game news site Pixel Gate are reporting that while patch 1.2 was meant to fix bugs, it has in fact caused other ones to appear. This includes breaking SLI support. The bigger problem for most players though seems to be the length of time it now takes to find matches.

This problem is affecting both ranked and casual matchmaking and is being reported as being annoyingly slow. Something that has caused people to quit instead of waiting for the game to connect.

Another issue appears to be the so called “smoke screen” bug that has found its way into update 1.2. When the map has been loaded players find themselves stuck at a single screen. While Ubisoft stated that update 1.2 hade fixed this it still seems to be an issue for players, in fact it appears to have made it worse.

With the update releasing on PC first, this will give Ubisoft the chance to fix the game and make sure the patch is ready for the console. Hopefully if there are still issues, this won’t cause a hold-up on the release of the update to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as fans are eager to see some fixes applied to the game to improve their experiences.

Have you discovered any problems after updating to 1.2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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