PlayStation VR Has 3x More Chances of Succeeding than Oculus Rift

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR

The battle in the VR market is heating up as both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift are inching closer to release. Oculus Rift is already up for preorder, but on the other hand, we don’t even have a price point for PlayStation VR yet.

With a price tag for $600, Oculus Rift has already sold out its first batch and is expected to hit shelves in June; stock shortages are expected. Demand for Oculus Rift has already impressed us and we can now expect a stability in the VR market.

If you are impressed by Oculus Rift and it selling out in just 14 minutes, how would you feel if I tell you that PlayStation VR is 3x more popular than a device selling out in minutes? Moreover, it has 3x more chances of success compared to Rift.

According to Nvidia, when Oculus Rift ships later this year, there are going to 13 million PCs worldwide that are capable of running VR devices, and provide an optimized experience. If we look at the specs needed for such a gaming experience, this indicates that there are 13 million PCs that using a GTX 970 or above/equivalent. Meanwhile, Oculus Rift will have to compete with Valve’s Vive VR that is powered by SteamVR, so grabbing a decent market share on PC won’t be that easy for Rift.

On top of that, Rift and a VR Ready PC will cost you around $1600-$2000 based on the specs you choose. So keeping cost, competition and install base for VR ready PCs in mind, we clearly see that PlayStation VR has 3x more chances of succeeding than Oculus Rift.

Exclusive to PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR has no direct competition on Sony’s machine but what tips the bar in its favor is the amount of VR Ready consoles out there. There are currently 35 Million PS4 units that are capable of running VR titles using PSVR, as oppose to 13 million PCs for Rift.

Although Sony is yet to announce a price point, SuperData predicted that PSVR will cost somewhere around $400-$600. Even if we go with the highest estimate, we are looking at an all in cost of $950.

I would say that PSVR has a better chance, but we can’t say anything about who is going to come out on top until both devices hit store shelves.

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