PlayStation 4 Game Prices Hike up to $85 in Canada!

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Playstation 4

It looks like the Canadian video game community is in for some inflation. The country has faced console price increases before and now a number of PlayStation 4 games have been spotted with prices higher than usual on retailers like Amazon Canada and Best Buy Canada.

For instance Arslan The Warriors of Legend and Nights of Azure – both Koei Tecmo titles – currently cost $85!

While this is high, do not compare it with the $60 price tag that we get in the US for similar games. Due to foreign exchange rate incorporation in the Canadian Dollar against the US dollar, these games are usually priced at $79.99.

However, the new $84.99 price is still five dollars more than what it should actually be.

Also, Arslan The Warriors of Legend and Night of Azure are not the only games that have seen a price hike. A bunch of PlayStation Vita games have also been seen with a larger price tag of $54.99. Some of the examples are MegaTagmension Blanc Plus Neptune VS Zombies, Trillion: God of Destruction, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.

Also, since we have seen these price changes on more than one retailer which suggests that it could be a lasting change.

A little historical check would show that the prices of PlayStation 4 and other video games in Canada have been on the rise for some time now. Only last year the prices were increased twice. The first jump raised them to $75 and the second, which came just one month after the first one, perched them on top with $80.

PlayStation 4 game prices Canada

Primarily the decreasing worth of the Canadian dollar is to blame for the price inflation; and if my economics is any good, the effect will be rolled over the more PlayStation 4 games and games for other platforms very soon.

In fact, these games might get even more expensive if the forex rates of Canadian dollar doesn’t stabilize.

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