New Smite Update 2.21 Brings God Packs, God Skins and Much More

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
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SMITE gets a new update that brings new God Skins, God Packs and much more. Developer HI-REZ shared the patch notes on its website and gave us an insight on what’s new and what changes/fixes we can expect to see.

Below are the highlights from PTS Update 2.21:

New God Skins

  • Cerulean Sky Amaterasu
  • King of the Deep Poseidon
  • Polaris Sol
  • Desert Omen Isis
  • Xing Tian Masteries
  • Harajuku Neith
  • Kaiju Sobek

New Voice Packs

  • King of the Deep Poseidon
    Harajuku Neith
    Kaiju Sobek

New Emote

  • Amaterasu Clap and Wave


New Notification banners have replaced pop-up Notifications.

Added Notifications and Fixes:

  • Leader will now see confirmation before disbanding party.
  • All party members receive notify when party disbands.
  • Denied Clan applicants will receive a notification.
  • Removed the ‘T’ screen.
  • “At this time we are removing the ‘T’ Screen from SMITE, for both design and technical reasons. As a whole, we
  • felt it offered a gameplay advantage that was not particularly engaging (IE: Staring at graphs to find the timer
  • for Gold Fury) and as such it is being removed.”
  • Fixed Clash Phoenixes to show correct coloring for Order and Chaos.
  • Fixed party invites persisting through a disconnect.
  • Fixed Spectator mode missing slashes on Kill/Death icons.

God Changes


  • Fixed iDusa skin playing a voice line on every cast.
  • Fixed iDusa skin playing a voice line on every cast.


  • Fixed Ragnarok Force X VGS sometimes not playing sound
  • Ymir’s footsteps have been redone on all Ymir skins.

SMITE is available on Xbox One and PC for free.

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