Final Fantasy XV Director Discusses the Storytelling System for the Game

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Final Fantasy 15 delay

While we still don’t have a release date for Final Fantasy XV we know that it will be released in 2016. We also know that we are likely to get a release date in March.

In a recent interview with The Examiner Game Director Hajime Tabata discussed the game and revealed some interesting details. On how character levelling will work, he revealed:

“In the final game, we’re going to have a very standard, orthodox kind of leveling up system to start with,” Tabata kicked off, “Obviously, in traditional Final Fantasy RPGs, you have very specific ways that characters level up and gain power, but because Final Fantasy XV is an action/RPG, it’s quite different in some ways to the traditional RPG gameplay formula.”

He also revealed that there would be “two main threads” to levelling, with a focus on ““the enhancement of the combination attacks you can do.” This was in relation to the action-based levelling system that will be in the game.

In terms of main character this will be Noctis:

“One of the important threads of the story in Final Fantasy XV is that tale of how Noctis goes from being a young prince in waiting to becoming the kind of the country,” explained Tabata, “What we’ve tried to make important in the design is the internal, emotional development and Noctis’ evolution as a person in a very natural way.”

On how the story will work, he revealed:

“We are really trying to aim for something where the gameplay and storytelling are really one in the same,” said Tabata, “It’s important that the story progresses through the gameplay in a very unforced way, in a similar way that it was done with The Last of Us, for example.”

It’s worth reading the whole interview to see what else Tabata discussed. It’s a very interesting read.

Are you looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XV? Let us know your thoughts below.

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