Final Fantasy XIV: Yugiri’s VA Murdered with Two Sons

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward players would know who Yugiri is and if you are one of them, we have a sad news for you – and the gaming world in general. Voice Actress Sian Blake, who played the role of Yugiri has been murdered.

The 43 year old actress had been reported missing since December 13 and all of a sudden it was revealed that she had actually been murdered alongside her two sons. The vicious murder took place at her home in South-East London where the bodies were found.

According to the law enforcement agencies, it took them longer to locate the bodies since the murderer had hid them well.

Police has also confirmed that her two sons, Zachary Bilal Kent-Blake and Amon Ben George Kent-Blake, were just eight and four years old respectively. The case is now being treated as a triple murder.

So far, the identity of the murderer has not been figured out, but the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward voice actress’ boyfriend, 48 year old Arthur Simpson-Kent has vanished ever since and is being tracked by the police in connection with the case.

Allegedly, Arthur has fled from the United Kingdom to Ghana, but those reports are not confirmed.

Outside of the gaming industry, Sian Blake was well known for playing the role of Frankie Pierre in the popular show EastEnders. She also played a role in Skins.

This is a really shocking news and we pray that Sian Blake, the voice of Yugiri in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, rests in peace.

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