DOOM Weapon Mods, Backtracking, Player Progression Detailed Among Others

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
DOOM launch trailer

Yesterday, a bunch of new screenshots were shared for DOOM and they reinvigorated our faith in what id Software is creating. Now, we have considerably vital information and all the new details have come together in bulk, outlining a number of features like weapons, progression, enemies and more.

Let’s talk weapons first. It has been revealed that Chainsaw is going to be a one hit kill weapon although beasts like Mancubus would require more than one hits. Also, Chainsaw and BFG are not found on the main weapon’s wheel because they are only going to be used in a selection of situations and not at will.

More importantly, there are weapon mods that you can find in the game; the example of “a remote detonation mod for the rocket launcher” was given for this but we will figure out the exact expanse of the feature soon enough.

The story setting of DOOM seems similar to the third iteration in the series as there is reference to a religious cult which led a certain Dr. Olivia to unleash the demons.

Some really exciting features you will come across are colored keycards and backtracking for secrets. On screen enemy count will not give you exact numbers but an expression like “bloodbath” or “demon avalanche,” not sure how that will be received.

Talking of character progression, it has been confirmed that you will be able to swap weapons and mantle more quickly after character upgrades; similarly, ammo will increase and so will health capacity. Characters will also get “runes,” swappable perks that give you a certain benefit like temporary stackable speed boost for killing with melee.

As you progress in the multiplayer you also get hack modules that will be swappable for instance there is one that brings up a spawn timer for supply pickups.

There on, enemy AI is going to be moddable too, there will be an enemy type called Summoner, and enemies are also going to have weak points for example the pink demon is weak on the butt.

More details have also been shared relating to regions and locations; for instance three names i.e. Lazarus Facility, Martian surface and Titan’s Realm were shared. It was confirmed about Hell that the design is going to be more vertical than before.

Lastly, although it is being speculated that the game might release on June 30, thanks to retailer listings, but in the newly shared details only the spring 2016 window has been reiterated.

Thanks NeoGAF.

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