Destiny Xur Agent Location, Items: Dragon’s Breath, Kucklehead Radar and More

By   /   Jan 8, 2016
Destiny xur agent of the nine

Friday is the day when we look up Xur Agent of the Nine in Destiny and let all of our readers know what they can get from the exotic gear vendor this week – or rather weekend.

Following convention, let us first tell you that Xur arrives in the game on Friday around 9:00AM usually and stays there until Monday morning 9:00AM after which he vanishes for another whole week.

If you are looking to buy something, you should go to The Speaker in Tower North and look for him struggling between crowds of Guardians.

He sells a number of items every week that can be purchased for Strange Coins; these items are sometimes worth having and not so much on other times.

Talking of, this weekend Xur Agent of the Nine has brought Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher which you can get for 23 Strange Coins in case you don’t have it already.

That is not all, he also has the Kucklehead Radar helmet for the Hunters, No Backup Plans gauntlets for the Titans, and finally Apotheosis Veil helmet with Warlocks. Do keep in mind that each one of these is going to cost you exactly 13 strange coins.

Xur Agent of the Nine also sells Engrams for the Guardians who want one. This weekend, you can get the Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram for 31 coins.

Destiny players should check back with us on every Friday if they wish to stay updated on everything that the vendor will sell.

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