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Battlefield Hardline: The Getaway DLC Trailer Gives a Taste of the Action

By   /   Jan 8, 2016

EA have released a new cinematic trailer to show off some of the high-octane action that will feature in Battlefield Hardline’s latest DLC. The Getaway is releasing to Premium Members on January 12, with everybody else able to purchase it on January 26.

Battlefield Hardline’s latest DLC content will include (full details can be found here):

  • Four new maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion.
  • Capture the Bag Mode – Capture the Flag but with the heist loot used to replace the flag.
  • New cars including:
    • Performance Sedan
    • Import Tuner
    • Luxury Coupe
    • Limo

As you can see from the trailer itself the focus of this update is on high speed chases where the players are either the cops, or the robbers. We’ll have to see which side has the better technology which will give them the added edge. To make the game fun, a certain balance will have to be maintained.

Updates like this keep games like Battlefield Hardline feeling fresh. For those who have paid extra money to be Premium Members, they also have to feel that they are getting value for money. Looking at the amount of content coming in The Getaway, and this new trailer this does look like a sizable update.

When the DLC is fully released, it will be interesting to see what people think about the new release. We’ll probably have to wait until after January 26 when all players have access (through buying the DLC) and the real action can be experienced.

Are you looking forward to The Getaway? Let us know your thoughts on the DLC and the new trailer below.

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