XCOM 2 Creepy New Enemy Will Swallow Your Soul After Shooting Lasers At You

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
XCOM 2 gameplay

XCOM 2 is just under a month away from release, and it’s making most of us XCOM fans giddy with excitement. The game seems to have everything needed to be a great sequel to 2012’s excellent reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Today, Firaxis games revealed a new enemy in the game, and were also generous enough to share some new screenshots. The enemy is called the Gatekeeper – a floating ball that seems to be similar in operation to the shady Cyberdiscs in Enemy Unknown.

The Gatekeeper ball initially looks very similar to Wheatley from Portal 2, but ends up being just as deceptive. It can shoot a devastating laser from its eye, and extends some really creepy looking cyber-tentacles that can turn your fallen brethren into alien zombies on the battlefield.

You can see this futuristic Eldritch abomination in action in the video below:

In addition to the Gatekeeper’s reveal, Firaxis also released screenshots of an area called the Slums. It seems to be the remains of an upbeat downtown section of some city.

XCOM 2 is scheduled for a release on February 5 2016 exclusively for the PC.

Source IGN

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