Rift Ready PC Bundles Are Coming Soon, Preorder to Go Live Next Month

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
Oculus Rift PC Bundles

Oculus Rift is heading our way sometime in March and users are currently busy making sure their gaming rigs are ready to go. It takes a lot to get them ready, for instance, you’ll need at least a GTX970 from Nvidia or equivalent, an i5 and 8GB of RAM is a must.

There are folks who already meet the minimum system specs needed to run Rift, but if you are among the ones looking to upgrade your PC, Oculus is taking steps to make life a little easier for you. Keep in mind that making life easier doesn’t usually mean you’ll have spend less money, we are talking about convenience here.

Oculus has announced Rift Ready PC bundles for interested buyers. Pre Orders for them will go live sometime next month, with an expected release set for March.

Now for the big question, what will it cost? Well, Oculus has set a starting price of $1499 for Rift Ready PC bundles. You’ll save a couple of hundred dollars by getting the PC bundle, so I would say it is a good deal. However, if you have deep pockets and don’t consider money as a hurdle between you and your love for high-end PCs, going over GTX 970 and an i5 will cost you around $1800-$2000.

Oculus Rift alone costs $600 which is not a bad price for such a unique device, but it is still a little out of budget for an average gamer. Still, Oculus is selling like hotcakes as its day one stock was sold out it just 14 minutes.

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