Psychonauts 2 is Hapenning As Devs Surpass $3 Million Funds Target

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
Psychonauts 2

Earlier last month, Tim Schafer announced his plan to create Psychonauts 2 – a sequel to the much loved 2005 platformer. However, in order to do so, Tim and his team of devs needed to raise $3 million in funds.

Today, they have not only managed to reach that mark, but have also surpassed by $0.35 million. Unlike most other video-game concepts that head to Kickstarter to be crowdfunded, Psychonauts collected its funding from Fig, pledged by crowdfunders and investors to reach an impressive tally of $3.3 million.

Despite the target being achieved, the developers have admitted that $3 million is not enough for Psychonauts 2. The original game cost between $10-13 million, but the team believes they can raise the remainder from their own reserves and an ‘external partner.’

Thanks to the generosity of the public, Psychonauts 2 is slated for a Fall 2018 release date. Tim Schafer combined with his team Double Fine Productions to release a video to thank all the backers.

Given that Double Fine will have over two and a half years to develop the game, there’s hope the studio won’t pull another Broken Age-styled broken game, and will work hard to bring the fans of the original Psychonauts a worthy sequel.

Psychonauts was released in 2005 and 2006 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2, and was met with reasonable success for its pretty awesome writing and its fun gameplay.

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