Popular Guild Wars 2 Team ‘Suck at Love’ Banned for Hacking

By   /   Jan 7, 2016

Welp! It seems like even the most popular folks aren’t the cleanest. The much renowned Guild Wars 2 YouTuber team Suck at Love have been banned by ArenaNet for hacking.

The team is well known for its music videos created for Guild Wars 2. The team was banned for map hacking, in which they were able to access 29 map points in less than a minute.

This, according to ArenaNet, is simply not possible without the use of hacking programs that would violate the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct of the game.

As expected, Suck at Love posted a video to claim their innocence, but it was taken down on YouTube. A thread on the Guild Wars 2 forum is also regarding the matter, in which ArenaNet has replied to players’ questions with the following statement:

“Customer Support has carefully reviewed the data that resulted in the termination of the game account in question. They verified that this account accessed 29 map points in under 60 seconds. It is not possible to accomplish this without the use of a third-party program, the kind of program that is expressly forbidden by our User Agreement and our Rules of Conduct.

Because of these facts, the account termination will not be reversed.”

Looks like Suck at Love also sucked at obeying rules. Remember folks, cheating isn’t cool, especially in multiplayer games.


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