Oculus Rift, PSVR Will Sell 1-2 Million Units in U.S this Year: Lewis Ward

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
Virtual Reality - HTC Vive - Oculus Rift - PlayStation VR

It looks like Lewis Ward, Research Director in the Consumer Markets group based at IDC, has his own prediction of how many VR units are going to sell this year.

He stated that both Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR are going to sell around 1-2 million combined this year. The number is for the United States only and doesn’t sound impressive at all, of course, it’s a prediction from one source alone and consumers can prove anyone wrong.

The first stock of Oculus Rift was sold out in just 14 minutes, and it is priced at $599.

Ward stated:

I expect U.S. gamers to buy between 1 and 2 million purpose-built VR headsets in 2016..

He went on to say:

That would be a decent start but, as usual, the quality of the associated games is what will primary drive demand – and the games catalog question remains very much up in the air.

Ward also shared his thoughts on the pricey Oculus Rift, saying that he was expecting it to be around $500.

Feels a little pricey to me. I realize there’s been a lot of R&D spent to bring the commercial version to market, and there’s some price insensitivity among the hardcore VR fan base, but I was expecting perhaps $500 for the basic bundle.

On the other hand, Sony is yet to reveal the Price of PlayStation VR. It looks like Sony was waiting for Oculus to go first, so we can expect an announcement in the next few weeks. However, SuperData this it is going to cost $400+.


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