Here Are All The Battlefield 4 January 2016 Events

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
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Battlefield 4 may be aging quite a bit, but it’s still a fairly popular game, and even if you log in now, you’ll find plenty of players battling it out. I’m quite sure you’ve also come across plenty of videos of players doing some insane stuff in the game.

DICE recognizes the popularity of its multiplayer-focused war shooter. This week, they announced the Battlefield 4 evens you can expect in January. These include the likes of usual Dog Tag assignments, Community Missions, and play-with-the-devs events.

To make sure you don’t miss any of these, here are all of them listed for you:

January 5 – January 11
Zodiac Mission: Capricorn: Get 4 kills with C4 in order to unlock the Capricorn Dog Tag.

January 21 – January 24
Expert Community Mission: Revives: Get 50 revives to get a Gold Battlepack.

January 26 – January 30
Community Mission: MTAR-21: Get 21 kills with the MTAR-21 to get a Gold Battlepack.

Every Friday
#FridayNightBattlefield, i.e. play with the developers, Battlelog moderators, and community team members.

Reports from December have indicated that DICE studio may have moved on to work on a next Battlefield 5, which could even possibly be called Battlefield 5 Armageddon.

Till then though, we do have the likes of Dragon Valley and several other maps to enjoy some intense warfare in.

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