Dota 2 Update Brings New Changes and Fixes

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
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Valve has released a new update for Dota 2 that brings new changes and fixes to the game. The developer shared the patch notes with us, revealing improvements to client performance and much more.

Below are the full patch notes listed for the latest Dota 2 update:

  • Tiny’s Toss ability can once again be targeted on runes.
  • Arc Warden’s Clone will now get the benefit of a fully shareable Divine Rapier that was dropped by an ally.
  • Improved client performance when the dashboard is hidden.
  • Workshop – Fixed effects model handling for Skywrath Mage weapon.
  • Refractive items such as Morphling’s Blade of Tears now correctly render in loadout screens.

Previously, Valve released an update on January 5th which was a much significant update in terms of fixes. You can see some of the highlights from that below or visit the official website for full changelog.

  • Changed creep and neutral pathfinding with Clockwerk’s Cogs, Tusk’s Ice Shards, Nature’s Prophet Sprout, and
  • Earthshaker’s Fissure. These all now work similar to Earthshaker’s Fissure, which has been changed to allow a limited amount of creep pathing around it.
  • Fixed a bug where the cooldown for charges for Spin Web, Spirit Siphon, Stone Caller, Fire Remnant, and
  • Aghanim’s Scepter Demonic Purge was not properly affected by Octarine Core or Arcane Rune.
  • Fixed Tiny sometimes missing parts of the model when reconnecting or spectating.
  • Custom games will now use the normal pause rules.
  • Adjusted the fog of war visibility volume for Earthshaker’s Fissure.
  • Fixed the first wave of Super Creeps in each lane and the first wave of Mega Creeps being too strong.

Did Valve miss something?

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