Destiny Celebrates the New Year with Free Gifts

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
Destiny: The Collection

As we move into 2016 many games are celebrating the new year, and it appears Destiny is one of them.  If you log into the game now and head to the Postmaster you’ll receive a special gift.

This announcement was made on Twitter, but did not reveal much:

If you log into the game and head to the Postmaster at the Tower though you’ll find free gifts. From what I found these are special coins and Motes of Light which can be used to buy bigger and better things. This is what I received when I visited the Postmaster, there is a chance your gifts will be different.

One thing the Special Coins can be used for is to purchase rare weapons from Xur, who will be making his appearance soon. With a big collection of coins being given out it’ll be interesting to see what he has on offer this time.

The Motes of light can similarly be used with Xur, but can also be used to buy items from The Speaker who can also be found in The Tower. So if you don’t find Xur, you can be sure to visit him instead.

With Bungie giving out these presents to celebrate the start of the year, this is a good chance to armour up for whatever is to come to Destiny in the coming weeks. No doubt there will be some interesting Raids to test your Guardians skills.

Have you collected your reward from the Postmaster? Let us know your thoughts on the New Years Gifts and let us know how you used them.

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