Battlefield Hardline Getting Competitive Matchmaking

By   /   Jan 7, 2016
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Developer Visceral has confirmed that Battlefield Hardline is getting competitive matchmaking. As you may know that Battlefield Hardline will receive Getaway DLC later this month, these changes to matchmaking are to going to be applied to the base game alongside its release.

The Getaway brings four new maps, new mode, new weapons, cars and more. There isn’t a release date announced for it yet, but expect that to be shared soon.

According to Visceral, competitive matchmaking will allow players to compete in 5v5 skill-based matches. Matchmaking is divided into two distinct leagues . The studio made the announcement by saying:

There are two leagues in Competitive Match, a Standard League (that all players will be able to compete in) and a Premium League. Battlefield Hardline Premium* members have access to the velvet rope Premium League, which features maps and modes from the base game as well as all maps in currently available Battlefield Hardline expansion packs. Can you be a winner in both leagues? Absolutely! Provided you have the skills, of course

We will see regularly refreshed seasons, leaderboards, and winners. Seasons are going to be two-three weeks long, during which Visceral will handle themed map/mode rotation.

You are free to play alone or bring your squad to the Battlefield, you or your team is going to be matched with players of similar skill levels.

Winning matches will take your skill level up, however, keep losing and your level will start to drop. Your skill levels are recalculated after the end of each match. Skill levels range from Cadet to Elite Gold Captain.

Source: EA

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