Valve Cracks Down on CS:GO Match Fixing with Permanent Bans

By   /   Jan 6, 2016

Valve Corporation has weighed in strongly against all the elements that could influence the gaming experience of its Counter Strike gaming community, and the recent advise against betting companies was a part of that. Now, they are cracking down on CS:GO match fixing issues.

In a new post that was made on the official website of the game, thee developers said that integrity was one of the most important part of the experience that more than 10 million players are still enjoying and that the CS:GO match fixing scandals were poisonous to that.

Just like last year, Valve says that it is going to ban anyone and everyone involved in such activities and not only that, they promised that the cheaters will be banned for life.

As the scene grows, it’s an unfortunate reality that some individuals will seek opportunities to take advantage of their fans. We will continue to take whatever action we think is necessary to protect the entertainment value created by professional Counter-Strike, including, on occasion, terminating our relationship with individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to exploit their fans’ faith in the integrity of the sport.

Just so that people have no confusion in their minds whatsoever, they reiterated that “the bans for these players are permanent.”

CS:GO match fixing is not unheard of, and it is almost natural for a few people to want to take advantage of a thriving community; however, do you think life bans from all Valve related events is justified?

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