The Cheapest Far Cry Primal Preorder Available for $35!

By   /   Jan 6, 2016
Far Cry Primal preorder

AAA games are priced at $60, and while it is a question whether that price tag is justified or not, that is the price we get any new game for – unless the developers or retailers are working on a promotion. However, one retailer is offering Far Cry Primal preorder for a drastically lower price of $35!

If you check out the official website of CDKeys, you will see that instead of the original price of $59.99, they are letting you book a digital copy of the game for $35.20.

Amazon was the first retailer to start Far Cry Primal preorder campaign and their listing still shows the game at a price of $59.99.

Before you order, though, keep in mind that CDKeys has been offering larger than expected discounts on a number of games in the past which has even brought a few of the players to question their legitimacy. However, a quick search on the internet shows us that they have proven to be a legit source so far.

Coming back to Primal, the game has recently been rated by ESRB for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content although we know it will be less violent and we suspect it wouldn’t go beyond the levels of earlier iterations in the case of sexual contnet – unless we are talking about The Witcher 3 effect here.

Nonetheless, the game is appearing to be quite promising thanks to confirmed features like an in-game language created by historical linguists, and a fully-fledged single player experience.

Will you make thee Far Cry Primal preorder at CDKeys?

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