Sea of Thieves Needs New Developers to Make 2016 Release

By   /   Jan 6, 2016
Sea of Thieve Interview

Sea of Thieves, the game that Microsoft claims will be the best game of Rare ever, is scheduled to release this year but it looks like the Xbox One and PC exclusive game needs some more helping hands.

The Leader of Game Makers at Rare, Craig Duncan took to LinkedIn Pulse with a post dedicated to the new job openings that they have at their studio precisely for the game in question.

After boasting of the “chart topping 2015 success” that they have had with Rare Replay, he says that they are expecting 2016 to be an even better year because this is when they are planning to release their upcoming piratic multiplayer adventure.

However, in order to make that possible, they need at least three professionals to complete the team needed for the game i.e. Technical Animator, Gameplay Programmer and Generalist Software Engineer.

We are hiring for our PC and Xbox One Exclusive Sea Of Thieves and want the very best to join us – If you are a Technical Animator, Gameplay Programmer or Generalist Software Engineer with experience in areas including AI, Physics, Rendering and UE4 we have open roles – Come work with an incredible team on a hugely exciting game featuring Pirates and Grog!

Sea of Thieves was originally announced with an impressive intro at last year’s E3 conference of Microsoft after soon after which they promised its memory driven emotional story was going to make it one of the best titles out there.

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