Rick and Morty is Getting a Pokemon Parody Mobile Game Called ‘Pocket Mortys’

By   /   Jan 6, 2016

The popular Adult Swim comedy cartoon show Rick and Morty ended its second season with an incredible cliffhanger, with Mr. PoopyButthole telling us we’d have to wait a year and a half (or more) to see what happens next.

That’s sad for us Rick and Morty fans, but Adult Swim themselves never expected it to be so popular and so good, so they weren’t that prepared. Thankfully, they are well prepared as far as keeping the fans of the TV show busy.

Adult Swim is launching a new Rick and Morty mobile game called Pocket Mortys. This is a pretty funny not-so-subtle knockoff of Pokemon, that pits different Mortys against each other in combat. Yeah, you read that right. You’ll have to go around collecting Mortys (possibly) from different dimensions, and battle them against other Mortys.


The parody game will be released on January 14. Be sure to check out its pretty amusing short clip, shared by Adult Swim in the tweet above.

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