Just Cause 3 DLC Details Shared; Better Performance Promised

By   /   Jan 6, 2016
Just Cause 3 on Playstation Plus

If you are playing Just Cause 3 and think you could do well with an expansion pack, know that the multiplayer mod is not everything the game is getting. In fact, the first Just Cause 3 DLC is almost complete and about ready to be shipped!

This came out just now alongside renewed promises that the developers are working on improving the game’s performance. As far as the said DLC is concerned, this is the state of affairs:

For anyone interested in the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass we announced earlier last year, we’ve got some exciting news for you all. Whilst one side of the studio is working on patches, fixes and optimisations for the game, which will continue to roll out over the coming weeks, the other side is busily bringing this additional content to life.

The first Just Cause 3 DLC is Sky Fortress in the Air Pack which brings new missions and features to the off-ground portion of the game – this content pack is almost complete and is being play-tested.

While the developers didn’t share more about the missions and the new features coming to you with the first Just Cause 3 DLC, they did promise something else. Additional weapons and vehicles have been sent out on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live which were previously only available for preorderers.

On to the performance fixes, the developers say that you should “rest assured that we’re working on optimisations, bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements, and we’ll continue to roll these out as soon as they’re ready.”

A patch is expected to be released within this month, so we are positive most of your problems will get fixes with it. Otherwise, check out our errors, freezes and fixes guide.

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