Homefront The Revolution is Releasing on May 17, 2016: Target

By   /   Jan 6, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update

Homefront The Revolution is currently in development at Deep Silver who promise that they are using all available resources to touch 1080p/30fps on consoles and provide unlocked frame rates to the PC users. The game has been in development since the time of THQ, but no release date has been shared so far.

However, it looks like our good old retailers might have come to the rescue once more. A buyer has received a customer reservation card for the game which reads that Revolution will release on May 17, 2016.

For those who do not know, the customer reservation cards are given to anyone who reserves a copy of the game by depositing $1 at the retailing outlet. In exchange for the deposit and the preorder, Target also gives the customer a $5 gift card.

Anyhow, we have added an image of the gift card below where the May release date of Homefront The Revolution can be clearly seen.

Homefront The revolution

The dates retailers put up on the online listings of video games sometime turn out to be placeholders and not actual release dates but that is not always the case. Also, in this case we are not talking about an online listing but a physical, printed gift card.

Maybe you should get a preorder at Target yourself, but that is only if you are okay with the game not being as brutal as the last one because that is something the developers have confirmed.

If the leak is legitimate, Homefront The Revolution will be heading out to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in exactly four months and ten days’ time.

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