Report: No AC This Year But Watch Dogs 2 Expected, Game Already Confirmed by Developer

By   /   Jan 5, 2016
Watch Dogs Downgrade

There is a rumor going around that Assassin’s Creed series is taking a break this year and won’t be released until 2017;and the setting is reportedly Egypt but nothing has been confirmed by Ubisoft itself.

We all love Assassin’s Creed but you’ll agree that it needs to go on a long overdue vacation. After Assassin’s II the series took a downward spiral thanks to the third installment. However, Unity gave hope to fans that AC is back in form but game breaking bugs made the experience frustrating.

After Unity, we had Syndicate which took us to London but Syndicate was bland and dull, even though it ran well across all platforms.

Frankly, I don’t think many of us feel that excited about a new AC game anymore and if this “taking a break” rumor is true, the decision in welcomed.

Now the question is, what will Ubisoft do to fill in the gap AC is going to leave this fall? Well, one guess is Watch Dogs 2 and many over the internet are discussing its arrival this year. One of Ubisoft’s developers have already accidentally confirmed the game being in development so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it in 2016.

In addition to this, Ubisoft sent out a survey last year asking fans for feedback regarding Watch Dogs 2, so it is safe to say that the game has been under development since the original Watch Dogs happened, probably alongside it because it looks like a franchise Ubisoft would like to milk for years to come.

The first Watch Dogs didn’t do so well, the hype balloon burst pretty quickly after its release so Ubisoft must pull something special out if its hat for the sequel. If Watch Dogs 2 is planned for 2016, we can expect to hear something soon, most probably at or around E3.

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