The Division FOB Branches, Brooklyn and Soloing Dark Zone

By   /   Jan 5, 2016
The Division servers are down

Okay so this just came in. The French variant of the official Ubisoft blog made a new post recently where they shared a bunch of details regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division that have not been shared with the fans previously.

Although the game’s alpha has revealed a lot about the Mature rated title, but that information has been limited to a certain number of fans locked under NDAs, so, here we are with what’s new.

First off, The Division has three branches of their Base of Operations which the officials also referred to as the Forward Operations Base (FOB) for reasons every Metal Gear fan knows. The three branches in question are Security, Medical and Technical branch and they are what Skill Advancement in the game relies on.

For any given area, you get to unlock special skill/mod for each level that will help progress the skill tree for a given set of skills. Ubisoft has explained the branches too, here’s a translation from their blog:

  • Security Branch: Security Each mission will allow the city to benefit from better defenses against multiple threats and civil protection forces increased. Safety skills will give you an important defense and will make you perfect tanks in a team.
  • Medical Branch: Here is the ability of the city to give care to the wounded and sick to be in. In terms of skills, they are perfectly suited to players who wish to evolve as support and care for their teammates during combat.
  • Technology Branch: The development of the technological infrastructure of New York will play a decisive role in its reconstruction. Guests receive weapons and latest gadgets developing this branch.

That is not all. One of the more interesting parts of the update was that Ubisoft, while referring to the location of the game, talked about more than just Manhattan. The first line of the post originally read “the famous Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods can be explored in a reconstituted version of as closely as possible by developers.”

The part about Brooklyn was later removed from the post which all but confirms it is a region they want to announce later.

While that is all for the confirmed news regarding the game, a known insider from NeoGAF who goes by the handle DigitalHitmann says that everything in the game can be soloed and that includes going into the Dark Zone too!

This changes a lot of things since Ubisoft has always advocated a co-op take on Dark Zone related adventures citing its difficulty as the primary reason.

The Division is looking pretty good right now and will out this year.

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