Phil Specner Wanted Harebrained Schemes to Work on BattleTech Game

By   /   Jan 5, 2016

According to Harebrained Schemes LLC Co-Founder Mitch Gitelman, the success of Shadowrun games and Xbox boss Phil Spencer played huge roles in development of BattleTech.

As Gitelman puts it; the support they received from Shadowrun fans caught Microsoft’s attention:

Actually it was the Shadowrun fans that sort of enabled the BattleTech fans because, with the overwhelming support that we got from Shadowrun and the fans reaction to what we did, the great reviews. That caught Microsoft’s attention back to us.

He continued that it was Xbox boss Phil Spencer who wanted them to do a BattleTech game:

Obviously we had the Shadowrun license and they were really positive about it but, once they saw what we did with it, it was actually Phil Spencer who is the vice president of Microsoft Studios who really wanted us to do a Battletech game. To his credit, he’s a really great guy. He was a good boss when I worked for him and he’s a fan of Jordan’s. From his point of view this had nothing to do with money any more or anything like that or licensing, screw that from his perspective.

He had a chance to satisfy BattleTech fans by giving us the license and so he did. He just wanted there to be a good BattleTech game because there hadn’t been one in so long and, that’s how that happened and I’m pleased about that to.

When asked whether there were any strings attached since there are usually some in case of these deals, Gitelman said there were not any:

Phil’s not about that. It’s not about a lack of competition, he would love it if we supported the platform but not at the cost of another platform. He’s not about that.

Last year, we reported that the game crossed $2.5 million USD in the crowd funding and surplus money would be spent on further polishing the game and on a co-op mode. To read up more, head over to the post!

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