Could the Yakuza Franchise be Coming to PC?

By   /   Jan 5, 2016
Yakuza 6 prologue

With the release of Sonic Lost World to the PC, one question has to be what other games could SEGA release through services like Steam? There appears to be a rumour growing that one game series that could come is the Yakuza Franchise.

As this news is from a “source” of TSSZNews be aware that this is purely speculation at this point, but they do raise some interesting details:

“A source has told TSSZ how extensive that lineup could now be. The source believes PC releases will be a key component of Sega’s business strategy in 2016, with many of Sega’s library titles being considered for rollout beginning this year. That includes “heavily” considering bringing the Yakuza franchise to PC, in order, beginning with Yakuza 0.”

With Yakuza 6 coming to PlayStation 4, and the West getting Yakuza 5 on PlayStation 3 there is obviously renewed interest in the game. I know I for one would be very interested in playing the Yakuza franchise on the PC, leading up to the possible release of Yakuza 6 on the PC too.

Other games that could be on the way to the PC also include Vanquish, Rosonance of Fate, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva franchise, and Virtua Fighter 5 as well as Sonic Colours. Again, as these titles are from a “source” from the same article as above, they is again speculation. I’m sure there are plenty of SEGA fans who would love to see these titles on the PC though.

Would you like to see the Yakuza franchise come to PC? What other SEGA titles should be released too? Let us know your thoughts below.

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