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YouTuber Recreates Prison Break Intro in GTA V

By   /   Jan 4, 2016

Fox’s Prison Break was a highly popular Tv series that went on air in 2005 and ended its fourth season in 2009. created by Paul Scheuring, the drama series revolved around the life of two brothers. One of them is wrongly convicted and is on a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, while the other finds a way to get arrested to break out his brother from prison.

The story features crime, hate, murder and much more that kept us hooked for 4 seasons. We would love to see a fifth season but for now, all we can do is appreciate what a great show it was. The best way for a gamer to do that is check out a very impressive recreation of Prison Break Intro in Grand Theft Auto V.

The video also features a side-by-side comparison to the original intro that helps you appreciate this YouTuber’s creation.

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