System Shock 3 in Concept Development; Production Starts Later

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
System Shock 3

Otherside Entertainment, the studio being run by Looking Glass developers, recently announced that they were working on System Shock 3 but didn’t share anything else other than the teaser website; now we know why.

The game developers have announced the title and they are also working on it as we speak, but it is only in the initial stages of concept development. This means that at this point all they can share with us is some of the concept art which is already present on the aforementioned teaser website.

These details have been shared by Otherside recently on the Underworld Ascendant website alongside a confirmation that proper production of the game is not going to start until sometime later. Here’s an excerpt from their post:

System Shock 3 is currently in the very beginning stages of concept development and we won’t be digging fully into game production for some time. Our studio focus today remains squarely on Underworld Ascendant. But we thought it’d be fun for our Underworld Ascendant fans — many of whom are fans of the System Shock series as well — to get a peek at what will be coming down the road.

Honestly, the whole idea of reprising the franchise is pretty exciting and it looks like we are in for a good treat because the people working on it are also considering Virtual Reality support for the game. Those of you who have played the preceding titles would know how perfect that idea is.

Anyhow, previous games in the series have only been released to PC, which is one thing we are hoping to see a change in. So far, no platforms have been announced though, keep checking back with us for more updates on System Shock 3.

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