Star Wars Battlefront Offline MP has Met Bumps in the Road

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
star wars battlefront xbox one

A couple of days ago it was confirmed that the Star Wars Battlefront offline multiplayer mode was going to be made available very soon but it looks like the developers have had some trouble with it.

We have picked up news from a senior designer at EA DICE, Guillaume Mroz, that the development of the game’s offline multiplayer has hit some technical difficulties and that currently EA is not sharing much more about it.

Apparently, a fan was able to get through to Mroz and ask about the release schedule, but the only response he got was that Electronic Arts will announce details on the DLC soon through a “proper” announcement.

As far as the Star Wars Battlefront offline multiplayer related issues are concerned, the single player team is working on it alongside the others. Here’s the statement in question:

Sorry but I can only say that we’re going to announce what the DLC is about soon. It has to go through a “proper” announcement. Offline Multiplayer has technical difficulties that the Single player guys are definitely looking at. I can’t give any dates for that but we’re very aware of the huge request for this.

So yeah, although they are working on bringing you the modes offline, it is certainly going to take some time longer.

It is a fact that offline modes in Star Wars battlefront are a “huge request” but so is content, and the game surely lacks on that front too. This kind of approach makes me wonder if EA is selective in listening to the fans or just a little lazy responding to them?

Of course there are a number of DLC planned for the game, Battle fo Jakku being the first, could it be that they will attend to the much demanded features and the lack of content in future DLC packs?

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