Rainbow Six: Siege – Operation Black Ice Coming in February

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition

If you’ve been enjoying Ubisoft’s Rainbox Six: Siege no doubt you’ll be looking forward to the first batch of DLC. Season One: Operation Black Ice will be the first slice of additional content, though when it is being released though appears to be causing some confusion.

This confusion has been shown in a Tweet sent to the official Rainbow Six account:

Thankfully this has been cleared up. To clarify the details, Operation Black Ice will be released February 2 to Season Pass holders, which is a delay on the original release date. Looking at the year one plans which you can see below, there are plenty of updates to come in 2016 or as Ubisoft are calling it “Year One”.


What this hints at is that there may also be plans for 2017, though this may depend on the success of the first year. We may even see a Rainbow Six Siege 2 come before a second year of DLC makes an appearance.

What we do see from the map though is that there are 4 new maps to come, 8 new operations, new cosmetic items and new game modes. Hopefully this will make the Season Pass worth its money. Those who haven’t paid for the Season Pass may also question the amount of money they will have to pay out to have the full “Siege” experience.

The game hasn’t been without its controversies so Ubisoft will have to tread lightly with the fans. If they are looking to make their DLC plans a success, they have to keep the players happy. Especially with a game with such a multiplayer bias.

Are you enjoying Rainbow: Six Siege? What do you think of the DLC plans for 2016? Let us know your thoughts below.

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