Nintendo NX Will Offer a Different Experience, Nintendo Isn’t Rushing to Market

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
new nintendo patent

Little is known about Nintendo NX but judging from a few patents leaked ahead of the platform’s official reveal, the system seems to be a mix of console and handheld.

The controller will act as a handheld itself as it has an integrated screen with joysticks. Of course, this is speculation based on Nintendo’s patents and nothing can be said for sure about Nintendo NX until official reveal. However, what we are pretty certain of is that it is going to be different from what we have seen from Nintendo so far; and that’s also what the company claims.

In a recent interview with Senkie West, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said that Nintendo’s new platform will offer a unique experience, one that is different from Wii U and 3DS. Moreover, Wii U’s poor performance didn’t spread panic in camp Nintendo as the company seems in no rush immediately introduce a brand new gaming system.

Tatsumi said that they won’t be rushing and jumping the market too soon, and without a well thought-out platform for gamers.

We would all agree that in order to be successful, NX needs both hardware power and third party support. Renowned researcher from SuperData,  Joost van Dreunen, recently explained why both of these elements are essential for Nintendo’s next platform.

There is no reason to go one way and not the other way. The critical component is the relationships. Nintendo will continue to hold high standards for its third party developers, that’s not going away. At it’s core, it’s a game company and will always look for the polished, high-quality experiences…Will it be the latest and greatest [hardware]? Probably not…Nintendo will most likely always be pursuing a more casual audience.

We are looking forward to seeing what Nintendo brings to the market.

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